D Damodar Mithaiwala

Indian Traditional

‘Old is gold’ – the sweets in this category are made of pure ghee and are an all time favourite. Though they have transcended generations making them involves a high level of expertise. So that they taste just like they should. It’s easy to get tempted to our jalebis, Sutarfeni, gulabjamuns and other sweets which remind you of your culture and heritage.

Besan Laddoo ₹155.00
Big Jilebi ₹155.00
Bundi Laddoo ₹155.00
Dink Laddoo ₹155.00
Imarti ₹155.00
Jilebi Small ₹140.00
khajuri ₹155.00
Magaj ₹155.00
Mesur Pak ₹155.00
Methi Laddoo ₹155.00