D Damodar Mithaiwala

About Us


D. Damodar Mithaiwala, formerly known as Dayaram Damodar Mithaiwala was established in the pre independence era in the year 1937. The founders of the shop were engaged in a small time door to door business of delivering milk. Dedication and perseverance led them to a natural business diversion - milk based sweets. Once they tasted success in the same they introduced different kinds of sweets and farsan items (a collective term used for a type of snacks that includes both fried and steamed items. Popular examples are – samosa, pattice, dhokla etc.). We were one of the first shops in Mumbai to start Bengali sweets, by getting Bengali karigars (cooks) from Kolkata.

Today we offer a wide variety of delicacies to our customers. Whether they are Gujarati, Parsi, Marwadi, Maharashtrian or from any other culture we definitely have something to suit their taste in our menu.

Today we offer a wide variety of delicacies to our customers. Whether they are Gujarati, Parsi, Marwadi, Maharashtrian or from any other culture we definitely have something to suit their taste in our menu.


Our shop is located at Dadar T.T Circle also known as Khodadad Circle, the heart of Mumbai. Proximity to Dadar railway station as well as the E.E Highway draws many Mumbaikars to our shop. We have adopted the takeaway model and no seating arrangements have been made inside or outside the shop. As a part of our social responsibility we keep the public area surrounding our shop neat and clean. Our shop is open from 8.am in the morning to 9.00 pm in the evening so that we can cater to our customer’s requirement for all the four courses – namely breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. In Mumbai people have sweets and farsan at any time of the day as a part of the main meal or as a meal itself, which helps us serve more and better.

For the convenience of our customers we also home deliver all over Mumbai (the order should be placed one day in advance) and also India.


We specialize in Bengali sweets, Parsi sweets, Dry fruit based sweets and Pure ghee Indian Traditional sweets. We take pride in stating that we are one of the few shops in the city that make Sutarfeni. An all time hit among our Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Parsi and last but not the least our Jewish customers. Our name has spread even outside Mumbai for Sutarfeni – a delectable and flaky Indian dessert.

Despite our success in our existing items we believe in continuous innovation and improvement. Our latest introduction is our range of Guilt Free Sweets specifically for customers who are diabetic and calorie conscious. In this we use sugar alternatives ensuring that they are still delicious and tempting.


At Damodar we care for good health of our customers. All our sweets are prepared in pure ghee only. Both ayurveda and modern science have time and again reiterated that pure ghee if consumed not only acts as a natural lubricator for the body but also enables absorption of certain vital vitamins. It also helps in taking out the impurities from the body. It enhances eyesight, keeps muscles and tendons healthy. Because of lesser amount of fat in desi/pure ghee, it is easier to digest. As far as farsan items are concerned we strictly use refined groundnut oil as it is effective in protecting against heart disease, as compared to most of the other oils. Groundnut oil contains natural antioxidants and also helps reduce cholesterol levels.

We maintain hygiene standards both at our workshop and our shop. We have a well trained staff of around 50 employees that focuses on consistency in taste and speed in service.

All our products are manufactured in-house giving us complete control over quality. The raw materials used are of the best quality and we procure it from licensed retailers and wholesalers.


Today we run one of the oldest and best sweet and farsan shop in Mumbai. Many of our customers also belong to the third generation in their families. It makes us very happy when customers come and tell us that their grandparents used to buy sweets from us while they were kids. Our quality and service stands tested and proved when customers come from faraway places like Kalyan, Dombivali, Borivali, Panvel, Taloja and even Pune to our shop. In near future we are planning to expand in the western and eastern suburbs also.

‘Form is temporary but class is permanent’ – the entire competitive scenario has undergone a change. The increase in the number of multinational food chain outlets, theme restaurants, multi cuisine hotels have altered the very form and style of consumption in Mumbai. In such an environment on one side we protect our legacy while on the other we strive to stay upbeat and modern. This balance with focus on quality helps us delight our customers.